Community Edition Security Rulse and Hotspots

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I’m looking for information how to understand which Security Rules and Hotspots are supported in SonarQube Community Edition (CE). It seems should be a right resource to get information, however I found no rules/hotspots, at least for C#, with Community Edition support, All rules requires Developer Edition and higher. At the same time, here, on forum and in different other sources there is info that CE support all hotspot and many rules. So, I’m wondering what rules CE actually support and does support documentation for CE in general?

Yikes. Most of those rules should be marked as being compatible with Community Edition. Something is wrong. I’ll flag this for attention.


Hello @Heorhi

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We had a closer look and there is indeed a problem with the site.
We will update this thread when it is fixed.

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Hello @Heorhi

It should be fixed now.
Thank you very much for spotting that and reporting it.


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Hello Geoffray ,

Thanks for the quick fix!


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