Comments inside PR itself with bitbucketcloud


(Andrzej Szyk) #1

Hi ,

Is there any information when the commenting inside Pull Request functionality will be available with bitbucket cloud ?
Currently i see that only general overview information can be added .

I am very interested in this functionality and i can see that right now its only possible with custom plugins along with sonarqube, but we would like to stay with sonarcloud.


(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Andrzej,

We’re currently planning to take this up in the new year.


(Julien Henry) #5

Creating comments on a Bitbucket PR is tricky, because currently, pipelines builds are triggered not on the merge commit, but on the source branch of the PR. It make mapping of issue lines difficult.

This feature would make our life easier, so don’t hesitate to vote for it :wink:

We have ideas of workarounds, but as @ganncamp said, this will probably not happen before new year.