Cognitive Complexity Rule not Working

I have run Sonarqube on a .net project I have created. When I go to the the Project report on the sonarqube site, it identifies the critical issues, with one important expection: the C# rule for cognitive complexity. If I go to the project measures, it shows that one class file has a total cognitive complexity of 2,012, yet that class file has only 18 functions and methods and none of them are flagged to be refactored. So it appears the c# rule (Cognitive Complexity of methods should not be too high) is not being checked. What is strange is that everything else is working as expected. I have gone through all of the setup steps and can’t figure out why this isn’t working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The system setup information is as follows:

  • Community Edition
  • Server Version:
  • Sonar Scanner Version:
  • Setup: Zip File

Hey there.

I think that the best option is providing a reproducer (privately or publically) – and anything else would just be guessing (besides double checking that csharpsquid:S3776 is active in your Quality Profile)