Code to check if an issue is new or old

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to understand the logic to check if an issue is new or old explain here link to check a situation on my project, but I can’t find it on the sonar source… Can anyone help me finding it please?

Thanks in advance


Welcome to the community!

Sorry, but I don’t understand the question. What in the documentation is unclear to you?


Documentation is clear, I just couldn’t find the corresponding code…

You mean you want to read the underlying source code that implements what’s described in the docs?

maybe this helps

Exactly :slight_smile: I supposed this piece of code is part of the open project, but if it’s not, there’s not much I can do there…

It is, but I can’t tell you were exactly to look. It’s likely in the compute engine. The GH link Gilbert gave you is a start.


Yeah, it’s a good start! Thank you both.