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Hi everyone,

we encouter a scenario we can’t wrap our heads around.
We have the following implementation

internal class MockCamera
private Bitmap bitmap1;
private Bitmap bitmap2;

public void CaptureImage()
            bitmap1 = new Bitmap(@PATH_TO_OUR_FILE_1);
            bitmap2 = new Bitmap(@PATH_TO_OUR_FILE_2);

When I delete the line “bitmap1 = new Bitmap(@PATH_TO_OUR_FILE_1);”, SonarLint marks this as issue " Unused private types or members should be removed (csharpsquid:S1144)" locally in my Visual Studio. So far so good

But if I then create a pull request with this change, SonarQube doesn’t seem to add this to the code smells of NEW CODE. As I understand the NEW CODE section only shows the issues within the changed code.
But if the change (like in our example) generates an issue considering a line outside of the changed lines, when does SonarQube take up this issue ?

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Hi Claudius,

PR analysis raises issues on new code. And what you’ve described is an unfortunate deficit of that strategy. Sometimes changes to one line can cause issues to be raised on un-touched, and thus not-new, lines. And PR analysis isn’t going to raise an issue on the old line even if that issue is a direct result of changes in the PR. We’re aware of the issue. Hopefully it will be addressed soon.


Hi Ann,

thank you for your response.
I was just wondering about this issue since I understood the “new-code-overall-code-strategy” as you described. So, luckily I wasn’t that wrong :slight_smile:
I will keep this in mind for future PR analysis. Since we base our quality gates on new code as well as overall code it is not that big of a deal for our Release Management. As I said I was just curious.
Hopefully this issue will be addressed in the future.

I will mark your answer as solution since you pretty much answered my question :slight_smile:

Thank you very much


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