Code smell issues

I am using Sonar Cloud to analysis my project and suddenly i run into this situations:
One of my branch shows that they got 60 code smells, including both major and minor. I totally believe that it should return B or C level of rating, but it’s still A and the quality gate accept this code.
I wonder how can i change the value of number of code smells for each level, so that i can change status of this branch into Failed!!

Another question: my company askes to keep the name with some upper letter in the name because it significantly belongs to ML model. How can i keep this rule active

Thank in advance.


Calculation of the rating depend on the rating of the technical debt of the new code. You can find related documentation here. You should be able to personalize your quality profile to meet your need.

Concerning the “name” thing, i don’t get your point. Could you please clarify ?


For naming, i mean the name of function and parameter. At this moment i change the value of naming convention in my own quality gate to > ^[A-Za-z][a-z0-9]*$ and it works for me.
But when i search for black list name, i suddenly find this rule about black list. “
my question is that how can i defined the black list, ie: no variable names time, size, file …