Code Smell Count mismatch between SonarQube Server and SonarLint Eclipe IDE


We’re trying Analyze the code from local Eclipse IDE, but the “Code Smell” Count doesn’t match for some files. However, the specific rule is enabled in both the SQ Server and Eclipse IDE - project bindings are also successfully mapped. Could someone help further.

Config Details:
SonarQube - V8.2 Developer Edition
Scanner -
IDE - Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers. Version: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)
Plugin - SonarLint 5.5.0

When I analyze file with verbose log enabled, it had reported not much info except Could not complete symbolic execution - according to the below, it says that it is harmless and can be avoided

Some of Java Rules not validated in Eclipse are: S2259, S3252, S1751 and there are few more other than these which are enabled in SonarLint but not reporting the ‘Code Smell’ which SQ has reported.

Attaching SonarLint Verbose logs:
SonarLintLog.txt (60.3 KB)

Further help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hi @ariv1983

Maybe this is another consequence of

Can you tell us the JDK versions you are using:

  • to run the SonarQube analysis (for example if you use the Maven scanner, this can be displayed with mvn -v)
  • to run Eclipse (can be visible in About -> Installation details -> Configuration -> java.runtime.version)
  • to compile your project in Eclipse (in project properties -> Java build path -> Libraries -> JRE System Library)

Hi @Julien_HENRY

Thanks for the reply - please find the details below:

JDK Versions for

  • SonarQube Analysis - 1.8.0_181
  • Eclipse - 1.8.0_181-b13
  • Projects in Eclipse - Java SE-1.8


If the JDK is the same everywhere, it should be a different issue. Would you be able to share a small reproducer (small project, or even a simple Java class) that raises issues on SQ but not in SonarLint?