Code coverage percentile UI disappearing


Just trying to find out what could cause the percentage and duplications UI displays to disappear. We had a bug with incorrect sonar coverage report paths - which I changed. Same code logic was working on another service, but it seems like it isn’t working here.

I’m using SonarQube, running opencover

current dev branch - note we have a 0% test coverage bug

my proposed fix branch - we’ve got a percentage at the bottom, but nothing on coverage or duplications

Hey there.

If you have introduced no new lines in a pull request (at least, none that are analyzed by SonarCloud and appear on the Code tab), then there’s no data that can be shown on New Code. Only new code is represented in Pull Requests.

However, since you can see that there is an estimated 74.6% coverage Estimated after merge (this represents your overall codebase), I would guess that your coverage fix worked.

That makes a ton of sense, ty !

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