Code Coverage on Android Project using SonarQube + SonarScanner

Hi All,

We have an android project for which I am trying to get the Code coverage and other analysis report.
As of now I am able to run sonarqube server (v7.2.1) and SonarScanner (v3.2.0) on windows machine and get the data on Bugs and Vulnerabilities.

However I am seeing the code coverage is 0% all the time. Appreciate any help to resolve this.
would like to get Code Coverage on the android code and also looking for export report into different format like pdf, xls etc… Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards
Sanjay. S

Hello Sanjay,

Could you share the log of the analysis in debug mode ?
With this I will can check if a coverage report is imported or not.

To be able to pdf get a report from SQ you need to have the Governance plugin available in commercial editions.
However, you can extract data with the web api and format it as you wish.