Code coverage is showing zero for Apex Class

Hi Folks,
I am using SonarQube Enterprise edition (8.9.10) and integrated with Copado for enabling static code analysis for Apex code base. Code coverage for the classes is showing 0.0%. I am not sure about any additional configurations that I need to enable for this Copado and SonarQube integration to view the code coverage. Appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction to get code coverage for Apex classes using Copado and SonarQube.

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Hey there.

Take a look at the Apex section in the documentation on Test Coverage Data.

Hi Venkat,
I am trying to integrate sonarqube with Copado. I did the project analysis in soanrqube using bitbucket and jenkins but the question is how do I connect sonarqube analysis with copado. Once we click on ‘run anlaysis’ button in userstory. how to get the results displayed in userstory? Any help is appreciated.