Code coverage is calculated after exclusion for web projects (javascript/typscript) in sonar cloud


We have configured some of the files and folders in the sonar cloud code coverage exclusions after exclusion also we are seeing the % is being calculated from those files and folders.

Any help on this existing issue would surge the code coverage % on sonar.


Hey there.

I think you’ll need to provide some file paths you expect to be excluded, and the exclusions settings you tried setting (that don’t have the desired effect)

Hi @Colin ,

You are correct we have added those exclusions in the sonar.coverage.exclusions manually as we using standalone scanner for analysis via azure pipeline we are configuring all of them manually.

Let me know if you need additional information.


Uh… right here! :smiley:

I’m talking about the sepcific values of the exclusion settings.


@Colin , please find the exclusions list and screenshots above

Let me know if you need more information…

I still can’t still your full filepaths.

Have you tried putting a folder wildcard before your exclusion? Like: **/src/guards/**/*?

Remember you need to trigger a new analysis for the exclusions to take effect.

Yes i tried in multiple ways but the result is same , please find on the screenshot below with clear path, let me know if you need additional information.