Code coverage for angular app not pushed to Sonar cloud

I have published the code coverage report on devops but its not showing on sonar cloud.
I have created a locl folder- covergae- coverage-cobertura.xml but covergae report is not pushed here. it created as artificat
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I have also updated karma conf file in angular to point to my repo sub dir.

yml coverage publish:

  - task: PublishCodeCoverageResults@1
     codeCoverageTool: 'Cobertura'
     summaryFileLocation: '$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/coverage/cobertura-coverage.xml'
     pathToSources: '$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/coverage/'
     reportDirectory: '$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/coverage/'
     additionalCodeCoverageFiles: ''

 cliSources: '.'
          extraProperties: |
           sonar.coverage.cobertura.xmlReportPaths = '$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/**/*.zip'
           arguments: '--collect "Code Coverage"'

Hey there.

sonar.coverage.cobertura.xmlReportPaths does not exist in SonarCloud.

I suggest starting from the documentation on .Net Test Coverage.

Hi Colin,
thank you.
But i have used cobertura to publish the code covergae. its coming in .xml format.
as per the link, i need to pass *.info.
PLease help how to pass .xml file

For angular app should i run .net test coverage or JavaScript/TS test coverage?

Ah, I should have clarified which language you were generating coverage for. In that case, you’ll want to see the documentation on JavaScript/TypeScript Test Coverage. Only lcov reports are supported, not Cobertura XML reports.