Code coverage file not recognized

Error observed

When my CI executes the :sonar task the output seems to find and process the JaCoCo XML file.
Link to the output: GH Workflow Log snippet

So while the file is uploaded (at least the log indicates it) the shown result is still : “No code coverage data”

Additional Information

  • The only module that produces a coverage report is app
  • The path of the report is altered (for jacoco and sonar) : (projectpath)/build/reports/jacoco/coverage.xml
  • If you want to see the lines where jacoco and sonar is configured: here
  • The file submodule.gradle is applied to each subproject

Steps to reproduce

Following theese steps should result in the same behaviour

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think I figure out what’s wrong.

Since the only source code changes are unit test classes sonar ignores the test reports with the message “Set up codecoverage… heres the guide …” instead of “100%” which depending on the point of view makes sense, or not.

Maybe the message “No codecoverage required for this changes” would be a less confusing display message