Code Coverage as part of Sonar Cloud

I am trying to analyze java and nodejs code from Github. I am unable to see code coverage option as part of my report. Do i need to make any changes to see this feature as part of the report?


Can you clarify exactly what you mean by “analyzing code from GitHub”? Are you trying to use Automatic Analysis ( :warning: not supported for Java), or is there a CI tool like Jenkins, Travis, Circle CI in the mix?

You’ll need to make sure that you’re passing the paths to coverage reports to analysis parameters documented under Test Coverage & Execution

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I am using the AutoScan option. It is working for Java. But, i am unable to see the Code Coverage feature.Other than this feature i am able to see the Codesmells,Bugs,Vulnurebilities and duplicates. I am using the default Sonarway as the Quality gate and the quality profile.

Sounds a bit fishy to me. :confused:

Either way – if you are using AutoScan, coverage information is unfortunately not supported

Current limitations/caveats

  • Code coverage information is not supported


  • Non supported languages (Java, C#, VB.NET, C/C++, ObjectiveC) are not analyzed at all.

@Colin_SonarSource I am able to see some of the public projects displaying Coverage as part of the Analysis Report. Kindly help me on this. Attaching a screenshot for reference.

Those projects are probably (almost definitely) not using automatic analysis, but instead a more traditional analysis which typically involves running the SonarQube analysis as a part of your CI process (build)