Cobol projects fails after latest AzureDevops SQ extension update

We’re using SQ version 7.9 and AzureDevops pipelines. We are using the the AzureDEvops SQ extension: SonarQube - Visual Studio Marketplace
After last update today 8/03/2021 10:31 all Cobol builds are failing:

(CoreCompile target) →
COBOL : error COBCH0170: Invalid argument in warnings"4" [F:\Agents***.cblproj]
COBOL : error COBCH1507: Illegal command line [F:\Agents\1\2\s\Source*

The prepare SQ task step previously was using SonarScanner for MSBuild 5.0.4
and after the update is using 5.1

This error doesn’t come from a SonarSource product.
A very quick search on a search engine seems to indicate that COBCH1507 is an error code which is generated by the Microfocus COBOL compiler.

I do not think so. When we disable SQ analysis i compiles perfectly fine. This is something we researched in the past with SQ support ( |[Reference: **SUPPORT-12086 ]). The problem occurs when scanning mixed solutions with C# and Cobol code (Micro Focus Visual Cobol 3.0 for Vs2017). It was working fine with 4.17 version extension.

I cannot help you more than I did, I know nothing about AzureDevops.
Maybe someone else can help you.