Clone with a reference was detected

I’m using Sonar with version 7.9 and Sonar Bamboo extension 2.6.3.

I don’t know what bamboo is doing while cloning the repository from bitbucket, but i find no options to prevent the warning: Clone with a reference was detected. Some files will miss SCM information. This will affect features like auto-assignment of issues. Please configure your build to not clone using a local reference. in Sonar.

Does anyone know how to configure Bamboo that this error disappears?

Hey Daniel,

I think “shallow” clones are the default in Bamboo, and I’d refer to some Atlassian documentation on Bamboo/Git to figure out how to disable them.


They’re disabled in my case.

Any other idea anyone?

This is fixed in SONARSCGIT-50 which was recently released in SonarGit 1.11. We’re using Bamboo and blame information seems to be working for us now.

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