Clean Code and Team Culture

One of the key elements that development teams (and all kinds of teams, really) need to succeed is a great culture

This extends beyond foosball in the break room* and team lunches**, and really encompasses a collection of values, behaviors, working practices, and beliefs that team members share while aiming to fulfill their collective purpose.

Talking about Clean Code can be tough in an organization – it can imply that the code developers are writing is bad/“unclean”. People may even start looking for who to blame for the state of their codebase (“how did it get this bad?”)

Sonar’s Clean as you Code tries to change the conversation – so that you don’t focus on the past, but rather the future of your codebase. Still, this requires some humility, an organization open to change, trust, and being blameless.

How have you seen your organization’s culture fight for/against Clean Code? What has gotten in the way, or how has it changed the culture for the better?

* At Sonar we just finished our first foosball championship, with the IT Operations / R&D Teams teaming up to beat the SonarCloud Team
** We have a lot of team lunches, including one at our on-site interview for candidates. Have I mentioned we’re hiring?


Thanks for sharing this thread here. Actually, we have to cultivate the success. So that it happens again and again.