"CL" rule is missing "CompileAsWinRT" attribute

Unable to collect C/C++ configuration for D:\svndata_control\program\BSTools\ClientSocket.cpp: Microsoft.VisualStudio.ProjectSystem.ProjectException: “CL” rule is missing “CompileAsWinRT” attribute

Hi @GeorgeP :wave:

Can you share some information about which VS version you are using and what is your SonarLint version?
Also, can you please check the following properties of your ClientSocket.cpp file: (right click on the file -> properties)

  1. General --> Item Type – is it C/C++ compiler or something else?
  2. C/C++ --> All Options --> Consume Windows Runtime Extension – do you have this property? If so, what is the value?

I’m waiting for your reply and we could investigate this further. :slight_smile: