CI integration on Helm

Could it be possible to add an option to configure the CI integration (GitHub for example in our case) directly on the chart ? So we could store the configuration and it would be useful when we decide to migrate to another cluster for example. I see there’s a lot of available options but not this one.
Thanks you !

Hey there.

Information about DevOps Platform Integrations is stored in the database – and we don’t typically expect users will wipe their database and start from scratch (losing all existing data about their users, projects, issues, etc.)

Is that what you intend to do when migrating between clusters – wiping the database and starting from scratch?

Thanks for your answer.
That was only an example but that always can be useful and would permit to store it while using secrets and always having a trace of the changes.

For this, you might be interested in the Audit Logs feature of the Enterprise Edition.

And, feel free to rally for votes here :slight_smile:

Thanks but it doesn’t looks to correspond to our need.
We’d like to have the possibility to add the options :

  • Configuration plugins
  • GitHub API URL
  • GitHub App ID
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Private Key

There’s a lot of available options so it’ll be nice to add these ones so we’ll have a trace of the whole configuration at the same place.