Choose of quality gate

Hi everybody!
I try describe the situation of scanning JS code and my questions. The problem is: SonarCloud choose not my quality gate … and it’s so terrible…

So, I created a project and attached repository from bitbucket. I set up bitbucket-pipeline.yml to scan code by sonarcloud. I created quality profile and attached project to it. I created quality gate and set up needed paramaters in it and attached this quality gate to my project. Everything is alright.

Try to run my bitbucket pipeline. First step is scanning my source code - everything is ok on this step. Next step in my pipeline - to check up the quality gate for needed parameters and in this moment I have fail ?!

I go to my project at sonarcloud to see the result of pipeline work. I go to my project at chapter “Summary”, BUT I see that quality gate is fail, BUT the paramaters of quality gate isn’t mine ??!! It’s from Sonar Way “Built In” ?!

Why ???

I want use my quality gate not Sonar Way “Built In” or etc … I try to change my quality gate to use it by default, but it doesnt help me.

Could anybody tell me how set up that pipeline to use MY QUALITY GATE with my paramaters ???

Hey there.

Can you provide some screenshots demonstrating the issue (including your Quality Gate configuration, your project’s assignment to the Quality Gate, and a screenshot of an analysis where the wrong quality gate is applied)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I solve this issue by myself)
Right now I have some difficulties with gradle projects)