Check whether the application was build in jar or war

  • versions used (SonarQube 7.7, Scanner


I want to check the application/project was build as a jar or war file.

Eg: If the application was build in jar file, I need to raise the issue that the application is deployed as Jar file.

Is there any way to identify it and report the issue.



I think you need to clarify your use case because like this it’s not clear at all why you want to use SonarQube that is working at file level (at .java, pom.xml file level) to check if one application has been built as a JAR or WAR.

Where do you want to check that and why? How do you do that manually today?



By Using Sonar-Xml plugin.

I have modified the plugin and I am able to check the required issues in sonarqube by validating packaging attribute in pom.xml