Changing Organization Key

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Is it possible to change an Organization Key?


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It is not possible to change the Organization Key.

Is there a good reason why you need to do that?

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Reason for this is when the organization was set up, its scope was that of a single project.
We are now looking to make the tool available to a wider group of people which has resulted in the organization key being confusing.
What we would like to do is avoid creating a new organization, setting up billing again etc as the overhead of this is a lot wider than you would think.
Removing the confusion that the current key brings is likely to enhance adoption across the organization and therefore increase the number of lines scanned using the tool.

I have just come across this post where it did seem possible - Move projects between organizations


This has been completed, after clarifying details in a private thread.

For future readers requesting to change the organization key, I would like to make it clear that changing the organization key may cause disruption of your existing build pipelines. That is, after we make this change, scans using the old key will no longer work, you will need to update the build pipelines and scripts to use the new organization key.

Hello there,

I also need to change my organization key. I just started using SonarCloud and only have to test projects.
I change my organization from a free plan to a paid plan and the key has a test name which hasn’t any standard and it will confuse our developers.

Can you help me, please? There is no impact at this moment.

This has been completed, after clarifying details in a private thread.

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