Change to hotspot when code is fixed or deleted

Looking at the 9.3 docs…

If SQ detects that a specific issue is no longer relevant because the code has been fixed, or simply deleted, it transitions to status CLOSED, where it waits until eventually being removed entirely unless the issue returns for some reason.

But I can’t tell what is supposed to happen when this happens to a hotspot. If nobody has reviewed a hotspot, but the offending code was simply deleted, does it just go away? Or does it stay in some other state with a FIXED resolution? And what code does it get connected to if the code simply disappears (as opposed to being changed to fix the problem)?

Why don’t hotspots have a CLOSED state similar to the issues?


When a Hotspot is no longer relevant (the code has been fixed or the code has been deleted), the status moves to CLOSED, with a resolution to FIXED.
You can use the internal API “api/hotspots/show?hotspot=UUID” to see that by yourself if you need.


So why isn’t CLOSED a valid choice for the status parameter of api/hotspots/search?

(Not just a doc error because when I try calling that endpoint with status=CLOSED I got:

Value of parameter ‘status’ (CLOSED) must be one of: [TO_REVIEW, REVIEWED] )

Whereas CLOSED is fine for api/issues/search:

So if CLOSED is a valid state for hotspots, is it a bug that status=CLOSED is not a valid input to api/hotspots/search?