Change sonarqube branch name from master to actual name of default azure branch

We are using enterprise Sonarqube.
Sonarqube is showing branch name as ‘master’, for the default branch in Azure devops.
Want Sonarqube to show the actual name of the default branch

Hey there.

What version of SonarQube are you using?

Version is 9.3

You should be able to adjust the branch name in SonarQube by going to the project level Project Settings > Branches & Pull Requests and renaming the branch.

Hi @Colin,

When the default branch is changed in azure devops, will Sonarqube show the new branch name or does it have to be renamed again?

There’s no automatic synchronization happening, so you would need to rename the branch in SonarCloud if the default branch changes in Azure DevOps.

Do you find that you’re regularly changing the default branch for a project?

yes, we change the default branch for each sprint.

For non- default branches, SonarQube shows the exact branch name. For default branch, facing this issue.