CFamily Cached analysis files are not being hit


Currently for a c++ project, the cached analysis files are not being hit.
When I look at the “Run Code Analysis” step of the build, I see this:

2021-07-27T19:17:44.5678363Z INFO: Cache: 0/42 hits, 17945774 bytes

The build that was ran was the exact same branch as the branch that generated the cache file, so I would expect them all to be hit?

When the build starts, it grabs the cached files from a shared directory, and adds them to a temp directory on the build server.

Sonar setup for project:$(Build.Repository.LocalPath)\output


Here is the powershell script for the build wrapper.
Note - that if I remove the /target:“clean;Build”, it works, however this piece was added, as other projects that use this script were not working. the build-wrapper-dump.json file was empty if the build was not cleaned.

“build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe” --out-dir “$(Build.Repository.LocalPath)\output” “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\BuildTools\MSBuild\Current\Bin\amd64\msbuild.exe” “$(Build.Repository.LocalPath)$(SolutionName)” /p:Configuration=$(BuildConfiguration) /p:Platform=$(BuildPlatform) /target:“clean;Build”"

Please let me now if any other information or files are needed.

It’s an Azure DevOps pipeline, istn’t it? Then your cache in $(Agent.TempDirectory) will be wiped out after each pipeline as A temporary folder that is cleaned after each pipeline job., see Predefined variables - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Docs
Therefore I use sonar.cfamily.cache.path=$(Agent.WorkFolder)/$(Build.Repository.Name).

Still, unfortunately not all cached files are grabbed.

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Hi Volker,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it is an Azure DevOps Pipeline.

and correct - the temp directory is wiped out after each build. I dont see this being an issue though, as I am storing the cached analysis files on a shared directory and am pulling them down to the temp directory on each build.


Hi Bett,

as I had already issues with a git bare repo on a network drive in the past, I would try to keep the cache on the build server - at least for testing. Not that backing up and restoring modifies anything on the cache (and if it is only access rights, or metadata in a separate file stream).

And then add for testing a script task to double check if the cache is on the temp directory just before the run SonarQube analysis task.

Wish you good look to get some further insights

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