CFamily analyzer and Microchip XC16 compiler


I am running into precisely the same issue (Microchip XC16 compiler, SonarCFamily plugin 6.7) on SonarQube Server 8.1.

Are there any updates on if we can expect the XC16 compiler to be supported?


Hi @meenalkb,

I moved your post to a new topic.

What failure are you currently getting? Could you please share your analysis log with sonar.verbose=true property?

Hi @mpaladin,

Thank you for the reply. Here’s the log.

sonarlog.txt (60.0 KB)

The failure I’m seeing is “Invalid probe found, skip analysis of files” so none of my C files get analysed.

The build wrapper output, if you are interested - build-wrapper-dump.json (186.2 KB)

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Hi @meenalkb,

thank you for the logs, I created a ticket to track your request, unfortunately I don’t know about the ETA: CPP-2569.

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Thanks. Look forward to hearing how it goes.

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