Certificate ldaps errors

Hello All, I’m IT engineer with a pressing question from our developers.

This weekend the certificate of our DC is changed and now our SonarQube-Developer (7.9.1) is getting ldaps errors.
This is probably caused by the change of the certificate. Now I want to replace the current certificate with the a new one.
I have found that is a java keystore, but I have not enough experience with the jave keystore.

Can any help me with this ?

Many Thanks.

( Caused by: org.sonar.plugins.ldap.LdapException: Unable to open LDAP connection
at org.sonar.plugins.ldap.LdapContextFactory.testConnection(LdapContextFactory.java:211)
at org.sonar.plugins.ldap.LdapRealm.init(LdapRealm.java:63))