Centralised token management for PR decoration

We use a PAT token to integrate with Azure DevOps for PR decoration.

However if there is an issue with the token (expiry, deletion etc) we have to go into all of our projects and update this. Our project list is continually growing and is currently 50+, which makes this a laborious task.

Is there a centralised way to configure this so that it can be applied to all projects in one go?

Hi @brett.postin

By binding your organization with the Azure DevOps one, you can benefit from the token that you will set to do so.

Azure DevOps connectivity management is accessible in your Organization settings.


I did see this but wondered whether the settings would be inherited.

So just to confirm, by setting that overall integration token all projects will inherit thatwhen attempting PR decoration?

Actually this will apply for new projects automatically on your bound organization.

For existing projects, if they have a token set, it will be taken to make HTTP calls on AzDo api. if you set them to null, then the org-wide token will be used.


Perfect, thanks for the clarification.

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