Cant run sonarqube as nonroot and non 1000 user in openshift

I copied the deployment from other namespace where sonarqube runs as 1000 user. Everything is fine there. Here in this namespace i have to use 1001000000 user and fsgroup. And no matter what i do it always fails the same way. I set logging to DEBUG but even though logs are more verbose it does not make them much more usefull …
container-log.txt (56.4 KB)
deployment.yml.txt (5.7 KB)

Offcourse i tried to change ownership of all files owned by sonarqube user to poduser (id 1001000000) in my Dockerfile. But this didnt work either.

ARG POD_USER_ID=1001000000

RUN apk add shadow && \
groupadd -r -g ${POD_USER_ID} podgroup && \
useradd -s /bin/bash -u ${POD_USER_ID} -g podgroup poduser && \
usermod -a -G podgroup sonarqube && \
usermod -a -G sonarqube poduser && \
# change ownership of all files/folders owned by sonarqube to poduser:podgroup
find / -user sonarqube -exec chown poduser:podgroup {} \; &&\

Hey there

It looks like you’re using a custom sonarqube image, and an EOL one at that.

image: 'mycustomsonarqube:9.6.0'

What happens if you use an official image (, and a supported version (9.9.2)?