Can't login to SonarCloud using Azure Devops account

After login with Azure devops I land on the page “/sessions/unauthorized”
With this text bellow:


Sorry, but we couldn’t verify your authorization to access this page.


Hi Alex,

Welcome to the community!

Are you able to login to this URL: SonarCloud? And when you are facing this authorization error, are you trying to open a specific page?


Nope I’m not able to login with provided url, I’m facing this error right after I login. No specific page is available to me. Is it possible to delete my account so I can try register it again and assign to my org?

Hi Alex,

Yes we can proceed with the deletion of your account. It will delete all your account data and you will start with a new empty account. Could you please confirm you are ok with it?

Yes confirm, you can proceed!

I have similar issue.

Thanks @alex.banari for your confirmation, I have sent you a private message to ask for additional information that are required to proceed with the deletion of your account.

@lancome, please open a new thread for your issue and we will have a look.

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Thank you, I’ve opened new topic, hope it’s ok.