Can't install upgraded SonarQube app as Windows service

We upgraded successfully from 7.9.4 LTS to 8.6.0 today, starts fine with “StartSonar.bat” (Windows). But the “StartNTService.bat” fails, returns this when executed “as Administrator”:

  • “wrapper | The SonarQube service is not installed - The specified service does not exist as an installed service. (0x424)
    Press any key to continue . . .”

The prior version, 7.9.4, was installed as an NT Service which ran fine. I deleted this 7.9.4 SonarQube service from the Windows Services app, which also went ok. But now I can’t seem to get this installed again as an NT Service. Any pointers?


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Hi @csjoquist ,

have you tried to re add the service as per our documentation: Installing SonarQube as a service?
We used to provide a wrapper script that does it automatically but we dropped it as there were some concerns regarding the usage, so you have to do it manually as per documentation now

hope that helps

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