Can't import Scoverage report

Hi all.
I have issue with importing Scoverage report.
I don’t see any coverage data on SonarQube.
In my build logs I have these logs:

13:45:01.963 [LIFECYCLE] [class org.gradle.internal.buildevents.TaskExecutionLogger] > Task :sonarqube
13:45:01.971 [INFO] [org.sonarqube.gradle.SonarQubeTask] Sensor Scoverage sensor for Scala coverage [sonarscala]
13:45:01.972 [INFO] [org.sonarqube.gradle.SonarQubeTask] Importing coverage from /workspace/ae-video-playhead-profile-state/.out/reports/scoverage/scoverage.xml
13:45:01.974 [INFO] [org.sonarqube.gradle.SonarQubeTask] Sensor Scoverage sensor for Scala coverage [sonarscala] (done) | time=3ms

13:45:02.084 [DEBUG] [org.sonarqube.gradle.SonarQubeTask] 'Scoverage sensor for Scala coverage' skipped because one of the required properties is missing

How to find out what properties is missing and why no coverage data is sent?

Hello @sergeda,

In order to help you, can you provide more information, in particular:

  • The property you are using to setup Scoverage report import or directly the file content. (and double check in the documentation that you have the correct one).
  • can you find scoverage.xml at the expected place? Is there something in it?

Never mind. That was my mistake.