Can't Find the Owasp Top 10 Security Report

I previously had access to an Owasp Top 10 Security Report for both of my projects. I’m no longer able to find it anywhere in the UI and I need to be able to report on vulnerabilities related to the Owasp Top 10.

Has this report been removed or is there some other reason my account no longer has access to it?


OWASP Top 10 report is no longer available on SonarCloud. It was removed in April 2019 (

You can still access the information by going into the Issues menu of your project and then go in Security Category:

The “OWASP Top 10” report is only available in SonarQube Enterprise Edition or more.


That is disappointing. Is there a way I can export the Issue data to excel/csv or is it accessible via API from a common BI tools?

SonarCloud comes with an API and its documentation is available here: