Can't define custom version name to consider for leak period

I am using SonarQube 8.5.1-community edition.

I was previously using 7.9 where I could provide a custom version in the New Code Period, something like BASELINE. However I don’t see this option any more in 8.5.1 and I can see only two options Previous Version and Number of Days.

How do I make SonarQube use a custom version to consider as baseline for New Code.
My primary use case is I don’t want to upgrade the version if the quality gate fails.

Hi Adwait, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

This behavior is still possible, it’s just that it’s no longer configured as a free-text value. Rather than allowing you to set a specific version as free text, we added a configuration that allows you to choose a specific prior analysis as the starting point for New Code. To see it, access the New Code configuration from the Project Settings on a project you’ve analyzed previously. At this level, you should see the possible configurations “Previous version,” “Number of days,” and “Specific analysis.” When “Specific analysis” is chosen, you can then choose the individual analysis event from the past that corresponded to your desired baseline.