Can't access sonarqube since it says server under maintainace and asks me to check the sonarqube upgrade page

so, i tried to install the sonarqube 8.9.2 lts version on ubuntu 18.04.
i followed all the steps given in the below link.

when i check the sonarqube status it says
Job for sonar.service failed because the control process exited with error code.

But when i try to access through an url it says
SonarQube is under maintenance
If you are an administrator and have no idea why this message is being shown, you should read the [upgrade guide]

This is the output i get after i give journalctl -xe

vim /etc/systemd/system/sonarqube.service


Did you read the upgrade guide?


Hey Ann,
Yup, i followed the upgrade guide.
it says sonarqube is starting.

I am not sure how much time it takes but its been 20 mins already.

when i check the status it says active and running though

But as i access the sonarqube url it says sonmarqube is starting.

Now I am thinking of deleting the sonarqube as a whole and reinstall it again.


What do your server logs say?


hey this is the server.log file
it has like some 1000’s of lines.
think this will do.

Anything interesting in the other logs?

And BTW, screenshots are hard to read and even harder to quote if needed. Please copy/paste the text rather than using screenshots.


hey ann, thanks for the time.
i decided its better to remove the sonarqube completely and redo from scratch.