Cannot get test details for c++ unit tests

I am using Sonarqube 8.6.0, developer edition

I want to be able to see the details of the tests I have ran on the project. I can see the number of tests, passing and failing but not any details on them, not even the name of the failing tests.

I am using a cppunit report and is specified with

Any clues ?


Hi @MaximeBoutin,

I confirm that only high level information like number of tests, failures and errors are currently being reported. What kind of more precise information would you expect to see?

Because I am providing a full report with details on the tests, execution details, test name, file name etc I was hoping to be able to see that in the sonarqube report, since there is a report category to see the unit tests

Hi @MaximeBoutin,

we don’t support import of other information like test name, file name, etc and we have no plan to do that.