Can web_api return all members from my organization?

We have a private organization. As people leave the organization, I want to make sure I remove their membership from SonarCloud, in an automated way. But also I want to be able to validate that all members did actually use their Azure AD authentication to connect to our organization.

What I would love is if I could use the web_api for users, and filter on my organization. E.g. return all users that are a member in my organization. For example like:

But I cannot seem to find this in the current documentation? Is there a way I can get the same overview as I can get in the ‘Members’ currently, but then via the APIs?

Hi I was looking for this too.

Seems we have to use the /api/user_groups/users?id={ID}

ID can be the ID of the ‘all members of your organization’ group

I did find the following to work more or less as you described:

Still missing the part where I could say: Which users are there using our Azure AD, that would be a lot better.