Can we set a limit/ restrict / reduce on no. of concurrent scans performed by SonarQube


I just started using SonarQube 9.3 version of CE. Found it is very useful for Static code analysis.
I want to know if there is an option to set a limit on concurrent scans performed by SonarQube.
I tried to find the information on Sonar Community. One of the post says there is no limitation on no. of scans.

But I want to know if we can a set limit or can we restrict no. of scans to a specific number.
It’s because, i want to make sure the server doesn’t hangout.

Please let me know if anyone can help me on it.

Thanks in advance

Hey there.

For Community Edition, only one scan will be processed at a time server-side. So you’re already as restricted as can be. :slight_smile:

Hi Collin,

Thanks for your quick reply on it.
Could you check this post
and confirm your statement.

There’s a distinction between analyses run on a machine (during a CI process, for example), and analyses that are submitted to SonarQube.

Take al ook here:


My concern is
I have two or more different projects to be scanned
Let’s say i have around 200 projects and i want to run the scan separately for each scan in parallel.

Can we do it?

If yes, because of more no. Of projects there might be burden on the server which might lead to hang/ stuck the server.

So i want to set a limit on the no. Of projects to be scanned in parallel.
Let’s say limit should 50-100 projects out of 200 projects.

Is it possible to set a limit like that

Hey there.

The bulk of analysis happens far away from the SonarQube server – analyzers are simply downloaded from the server and then executed locally/in your build pipeline. There is no limit to concurrency here, nor does there really need to be.

Once the analysis report is submitted to the SonarQube server, they are processed one by one (in Community Edition), so no need to worry about overloading.

Thanks for information.
But I still want to know if there is a way to set a limit to control no. of concurrent scans.

There is not.

Thank you for all your responses.

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