Can SonarQube concatenate two Analyses into a single SQ project

SQ Developer edition, Version 7.9.1 (build 27448)
sonarscanner for MSBuild 4.8.0
Sonar for bitbucket server, 2.6.3
Bitbucket v5.10.0

I have a single GIT repo, which builds two separate Docker containers. (1) One with a dotnet core project and the other (2) is a JS node project.

In the docker container for (1) Im using the sonar scanner for msbuild and successfully producing a SQ project, and the same for (2), but with the sonar-scanner-cli

The problem is, we use bitbucket for pull requests and this only allows us to link a GIT repo to a single SQ project. As Im building the two projects in separate builds in separate Docker containers I can’t see how to combine them into a single SQ project. One analysis of the web project simply over writes all the data from the dotnet core project.

Is there anyway to get SQ to add data from two analyses? or do I need to restructure my build substantially to get the node based build done before I call the sonar-scanner end for the dotnet project?

Hope that makes some sense???


Hello @owen_battye

It makes a lot of sense. It’s unfortunately not possible. Any single execution of the scanner with a given project supercedes the previous one, and cannot concatenate with it.

… Just in case you’d be interested to upgrade there’s a feature in the (higher) Enterprise Edition that would help. It’s called Applications. See
It’s for long lived branches though, not for pull requests, and that makes sense: It may be normal that a full project is split into several repos (that you wish to aggregate in SonarQube) but it sounds quite odd that a single pull request may include changes in several different repos…

Regards, Olivier

OK thanks!