Can Quality Gate answer simultaneously to serveral projects?

We’re executing a Sonar analysis on two projects simultaneously with the Build Breaker plugin configured. Both projects reach the step where the status of the quality gate is checked at the same time (more or less). But it seems that the second project reaching this step waits to check the quality gate until the first project finishes to check it. We don’t know if this is the expected behaviour of the Quality Gate Breaker Plugin or we are misunderstanding something. Could someone confirm that the quality gate can’t be checked for more than one project simultaneously?

We execute the analysis with Maven, and these are the versions that we’re using:

  • Sonarqube 5.6.7 (server)
  • Build Breaker 2.2 (plugin)
  • org.sonarsource.scanner.maven:sonar-maven-plugin:3.0.2 (Sonar client for Maven)


The current version of SonarQube is 7.6, and the current LTS is 6.7.6. You’re going to have a hard time finding support for versions before that. I suggest you upgrade at your earliest convenience, and take a look at how to get Quality Gate status in a Jenkins pipeline. Note that I don’t remember what SonarQube version introduced the webhooks that are necessary for integration, so I don’t know if this method will work with your current SonarQube version, but I suspect not.