Can not download @type/node :No @types/node version available

I am using the community sonarqube 9.2 ,sonalint 6.3 , and nodejsv16.13.1

I can not see any issues about javascript files? I have insalled the msi version of node js but error of @type/node issued. my development IDEA is offline :frowning:

there is 2 ways for java and javascript static analysis by your solution:
1- using maven plugin : we should set parameters of " "and “sonar.source”
by “http://localhost:9000” and “c:\users…\target\static\script” becuse maven can see javascript files
2- using sonarlint that uses node js for scanning
both of them used but no issues is not shown.

when we using binary version of nodejs installation the error is : sonarlint failed to analyze javascript code please configure nodejs path in the sonarlint setting.
I add node path but intellij can not understand !!

Hello @Mahzad_Zahedi,

In the case of SonarLint, could you share with us the logs you get when triggering an analysis ? Please make sure to activate verbose mode.