Can i create a tool check unused messages in

If it possible, give me the keywords to implement.
I use java for code.
Thanks you!

Hello @tungpt118,

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I think that the first step here is that you carefully read the FAQ - SonarSource Community.
Your post is not sufficient for us to be able to help you.


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Is there an API that allows me to access the properties file, such as the API trees that support method and class access.

Hello @tungpt118,
I am still not convinced that you read the FAQ. Please provide a more elaborated description of your request. No one will respond if you post only one liners…

Sorry for my descriptive ability because my english is not good. I want to check a key in the file is unused, to do that I need to scan all java in project files, but I see the JavaFileScannerContext interface only supports me to scan one file, can i scan all files?