Can I create a read only user to sonarqube postgresql db

I wanted to create a sonardb user with read only permission, in order to fetch the execution data through code. Can I create that in sonar postgresql db ?


It certainly won’t break anything just by creating the user… but we pretty much exclusively recommend you access SonarQube data programatically using the Web API (documentation linked in the footer of your instance). The SonarQube database should be treated as a black box, we don’t publish a schema, and it changes from version to version. The Web API is pretty clear, and has consistent strategies for deprecation/removal when something is changed.

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Thank You So much.
Please help me to identify, Which api call I should use to find following for each project:
i. Total number of code smells
ii. total Vulnerabilities
iii. Total bugs
iv. Result of quality gate evaluation. For ex. passed or failed.