C# Rules In SonarQube Community Version

I’m using SonarQube Community Edition. But while scanning C# warnings are not including in warning list. I’m using the tool in Windows OS.
Below is the specification:
SonarQube Version and Installed on : SonarQube we have installed on our test server.

Languages and Technology Used : C#,VB,VB.Net, Angular, React JS, HTML,HTML5, Java script, jQuery, CSS, .Net Core 3.1, MVC 5, SQL, Bootstrap etc.

Please help in this.


Welcome to the community!

Could you give an example of a warning you’re expecting to see but not seeing?


Base class methods should not be hidden…

Like these kind of and all SQL Injection type of warning I’m refering

hello, we’re going to more details and a reproducer with the problems you are having