C# rule - S2228


I’m using SonarQube - on premise installation - and I configured a set of rules as part of a quality profile.
One of the rules I’m interested is " Console logging should not be used".

One of the exceptions of this rule is for console applications - there, this rule shouldn’t apply.

My question is - how does the scanner detect that the application is a console application? I have one as such and this rule is still getting triggered.

How should I configure my sonar properties or the C# project itself so that this rule is not getting applied?

Thank you!

Hi Bogdan,

S2228 is checking if the OutputKind of the compilation is ConsoleApplication and if it is, no issues are raised. I think this corresponds to the Output Type dropdown in the project properties…

I tested with a new .NET Desktop Console Application and a new .NET Core Console Application and the rule did not raise issues (I had to enable it because it is not enabled by default).

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