C++ not marked as unchanged

During a C++ analysis we got new findings in a file which was not changed for about a year. We use a scm which is not supported by Sonarcloud so we do a checkout and run the analysis without any blame. Also the quality profile is not changed. In the scanner log I see a message “not marked as unchanged” for this file. How does the scanner decides if a file is changed or not? Is it possible to get more information why a file is marked as changed or unchanged from the log? Is it possible that changes in files which use methodes, templates … from this file leeds to a reanalysis of this file and some new issues occurs?

Hi @stefansta ,

If you updated your SonarQube version then it is possible that you get different issues. Our Analyzer is in constant evolution and existing rules can change their findings between versions.

This is an internal implementation thing, you should not assume that this line is related to the modification of the file.

Is there a problem with the fact that you got new issues?