C++ : My project language not automatically recognize on SonarQube Server

I am evaluating sonarQube with visual studio 2017 for c++ applications.
I am using the stand alone server (localhost:9000) and database from the starter kit.
I have requested and obtained a trial c++ license that I have applied to my local sonarQube.
I am able to ‘build-wrapper’ my vcxproj project. And then the ‘sonar-scanner’ executes with success.

Then I update the web server: I see that the “Last analysis” date and time are correctly updated, but I have no specific data: it says : myproject Passed (in green) with 0 bugs / vulnerabilities / smells (even though I explicitly put vulnerabilities and smells in my code).
I suspect that the language I use (c++) is not detected (and therefore the rules would not be applied). In the languages field at the bottom of the left panel of the main project display, there no language selected.
I previously tried with a c# project, and the language was automatically detected/set.

Anyone knows how to tell (or force) the server to use C++ for my project ?


Can you provide your analysis log? We’re not going to be able to tell what happened without it.