C# files not being analysed


The C# files in my project aren’t analysed after we upgrade the project from .Net5 to .Net6.
I am using the last version tools:
MSBuild version 17 from Visual Studio 2022
SonarQube version 9.2.1
SonarScanner for MSBuild version 5.4
SonarScanner version 4.6.2
Errors from logs:
No protobuf reports found - no metrics and highlighting will be imported
No roslyn issue reports were found. The c# files have not been analyzed

Thnx in advance

Hello and welcome to the community.

What project type are you using? Can you please give the build logs / reproducer?

Please bear in mind that we have a Scanner for .NET milestone for improving the .NET 6 support : 5.5.0 Milestone · GitHub

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