C code Scan fails

Hello I am using the latest version of sonarqube developer edition 8.4 and sonar-scanner, just installed this week.

I am trying to run a scan on a hello world c program and am running into issuers with sonar-scanner.

Envrionment Details:
OS: Windows 64 bit
IDE: code composer studio
Compiler: TI c2000

Code composer outputs its own makefile which I am able to wrap with the build-wrapper and see output come in the build-wrapper log and dump.json file.

When I finally try to run sonar-scanner I get the following error
INFO: [pool-1-thread-1] C:/Users/jkayzerman/svn repos/ledblink/Debug/…/Example_2833xLEDBlink.c
ERROR: Failed to delete temp folder
java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: C:\Users\jkayzerman\svn repos\ledblink.scannerwork.sonartmp\18299691287201113810\subprocess.exe

Then Later on this message appears

INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
INFO: Total time: 26.350s
INFO: Final Memory: 23M/77M
INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: C:\Users\JKAYZE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\probe17712530987540880622.pp

I only have one week left of the developer evaluation license so any help will be appreciated!

Hi @jkayzerman,

do you have an antivirus installed? It could be locking files causing the analyzer failure.

Hi yes we are using Cisco AMP, are there certain steps to whitelist the files or folders?

Hi @jkayzerman,

you can certainly whitelist some files or folders. Before doing that, as you are on evaluation stage, could you try to disable it to have a successful analysis before trying to change the antivirus configuration?

HI @mpaladin we temporarily disabled the antivirus and the first issue is no longer showing up but I am still getting an execution failure

when looking the AppData/Local/Temp folder I see the probe file with a .tmp extensions but sonarqube is looking for a .pp extension

Hi @jkayzerman,

would you be able to share the entire sonar-scanner output and the build-wrapper-dump.json files? I can send you a PM where you can share privately those files.

For the records, you are affected by CPP-2610, it got fixed and will be released with the next version of SonarQube.

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