C++23 support, C and C++ analysis speed improvement and more dataflow-based reporting

Hello dear C and C++ users

You can now analyze C++23 code! We groomed our C++ rules so that they behave nicely. C++23’s feature deducing this is not supported yet but will come shortly.

Your C and C++ analysis is now running faster with an average 12% improvement.

We also added dataflow-based reporting to 3 existing rules:

  • Rule S836 : Variables should be initialized before use
  • Rule S5283 : Size of variable length arrays should be greater than zero
  • Rule S5488 : Only valid arguments should be passed to UNIX/POSIX functions

These new features will be available with SonarQube 10.5 starting from Developer Edition. They will be available shortly on SonarCloud and in SonarLint.

As always, you can see what’s coming next and vote for C and C++ features you would like to see in SonarQube , SonarCloud , and SonarLint .